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tv   British Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  December 9, 2012 9:00pm-9:35pm EST

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tomorrow, bloomberg government analyst robert levinson. >> more on the impact of sequestration with former white house budget director gordon adams. washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. on wednesday the british chancellor, the u.k.'s head of treasury released the annual report on the british economy. prime minister david cameron took questions on proposed cuts that he says will help the deficit on the u.k. he also answers questions on
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afghanistan, securing the border, and youth unemployment. this is just over 30 minutes. >> number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i'm sure the whole house will wish to join me in graduating the duke and duchess of cam brage on the wonderful knew they are expecting their first child. turning to my friend's question on afghanistan. the threat to global security from al qaeda has been significantly reduced and this is in large part of the brave work of u.k. and afghan armed forces. we remain committed to afghanistan for the long-term and we continue to support the development of afghan forces through continued funds and training. our crrt that aid to help the
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state to police its own lands. it is this part that al qaeda won't will able to re-establish itself in afghanistan. >> the taliban is being told when most of our troops are leaving and they need to be told when sanctions to expect if they help al qaeda to return. what would those sanctions be and would an allied strategic base serve to make them credible? >> i think the most important sanction for everyone to bear in mind is the fact that afghan security forces are already at a level of 335,000. they are increasely capable and able to police and secure their own country. but, of course, we will continue to be involved through the training academy that we will
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establish and we'll have a strong relationship and the americans will have a strong rim to help them so make sure afghanistan does not become area of terror. >> thank you, mr. speaker. this morning i had a meeting and in addition to duties in my house -- i mean, excuse my duties in this house. you would think i would get used to it by now. i will have further meetings later today. >> i visited my ill constituent in hospitals last week. they were only two nurses on a ward of 30 very ill patients. she has asked me to ask the prime minister why he cut the number of nurses?
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>> since this government has come to power the number of nurses has gone up and the number of management is down. we're not complacent. there are parts of n.h.s. where standards of care and standards of nursing are not acceptable. that is why we're introducing things like the friends and family test to make sure all hospitals come up to a higher standards of the best. >> following the publication of the report last week, my friends agree what we need is a strong independent regulatory. >> i think it is actually a moment where we should try to maximize the amount of consensus there is in this house and in the country about what is required. i think everyone agrees that we need strong independent regulation along the lines that it suggests. everyone agrees that we need
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million pound fines. everyone agrees that independently handle complaints. this is vital and i'm encouraged by the meetings i've had that they will put in place the regulation allegation. >> mr. speaker let me join the poim in congratulating the duke and duchess on their news. the party published in april 2010 said "we will increase health spending in real terms every year." but the head of the staft activityic authority that hasn't happened. what is today's excuse, mr. speaker? >> this government is putting
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12.6 billion pounds into the n.h.s. but let me quote the figures directly from the head of the office of national statistics. in real terms spending in 2010 was 104.2 billion in real terms and in 2011 it was 103.4 billion. that is a real terms increase. there will be further increases in 2012, in 2013, in 2014 when there will be cuts in labor. >> mr. speaker, even by his standards that was the most slippery argument i can possibly imagine. that is unbelievable. he comes to this house 26 times since he became prime minister and boasted about how he is increasing health spending every year. but he failed to meet the promise, mr. speaker.
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it is your argument between me and him, we have a ruling from the chair of the independent u.k. statistics authority who says it hasn't happened and i would be grateful if the department of health could clarify the statements made. why don't we just correct the record? >> it is a simple point. the spending figures for 2010 was set by the last labor government. those are the figures we inherited. all the gentleman is doing is proving that his government was planning for an n.h.s. cut. we have taken that figure in 2010, we increased it in 2011 and we are increase it again in every year of this parliament. people don't have to look at manifestos for contrast they can look at what labor is doing in whails. it is in charge in whales and they have cut the n.h.s. in
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whails by 8%. quality is down, that is what you get with labor in the n.h.s. >> mr. speaker, he knows the reality. he made a promise that he would keep the n.h.s. budget rising in real terms in every year of the parliament. then he says the labor plan that we set out the election, increase the health budget in 2010/2011, he cut the budget. he knows the reality. let me give you one more opportunity, you made a promise to the british people to year on year increase on the health budget. he failed to meet the promise. why don't you just admit it? >> i don't need to remind the gentleman that the general election was after the 2010 year had begun. this was labor's plan. what we've done is increase it
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every year. if he does not believe it perhaps he will listen to the labor health review who gave an interview who said this, he says they are increasing it. he goes on cameron has been saying it every week in the commons the health secretary wants to spend less on health than us. question which is true isn't it? he says yes, it is true. that's my point. it is confirmed, labor wants to cut our n.h.s. we will never be safe with them again. >> mr. speaker, the reality is -- the reality is -- the reality is my friend left a rising health budget and this prime minister cut it then is the reality. let my chime on another fact which i'm sure he can get to.
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let me chime on another fact, can he tell us how big an income tax cut he is giving next april to people earning over one million pounds a year as a result of the reduction in the top tax? >> i'm not surprised he wants to get off health. that was the biggest goal i've ever seen. right, on the issue of the top rate of tax, when his government put the top rate of tax up to 50 p what it meant was fewer millionaires pay that top rate and as a result, the tax rate suffered by seven billion pounds. i will remind you understood this government the top rate of tax will be higher than any year he was working in the parliament. >> i've given the answer but of course he did not give us the answer. next april, everyone earning over one million poundings will
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have a tax cut of 107,000 pounds a year. 107,000 pounds. he went along with it. he went along with it. the party of lord george. he went along with it. now, now, he hasn't kept his promise on all of us being in it together. two years ago, he said by 2015 "we will have balanced the books." can he explain why he has so badly failed to keep that promise? >> let me give you the figures. in 2009 there was 16,000 people earning more than a million. in 2010 when the rate went up, this plummeted to 6,000 people. therefore, because of his
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election gamut 50 p it cost the country seven billion pounds. when is he going to realize, tax rate is about raising money not about punishing success. that is what we need him to understand. that in terms of the deficit, we have cut the budget deficit by 25%. you will get an update of the progress in a minute. how on earth, can you deal with a borrowing problem when pledging to borrow more? >> let's be clear, mr. speaker, about his answer on 50 p. the answer to the problem -- the answer to the problem of tax avoidance is to give the people doing it a tax cut. that is the answer he gave. give them a big giveaway and the reality is -- the reality is that the prime minister couldn't get away from, the deficit going
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up, not down on his watch. we remember the posters with his air brushed face saying i will cut the deficit not the n.h.s. the facts speak for themselves. he has cut the n.h.s. and he's not cutting the deficit. he is 100% wrong. >> we're increasing the n.h.s. and we've cut the deficit. business are starting up at a higher rate than any time in our history, this economy is on the right track. unlike the party opposite we're on the side of people who work hard and do the right thing. what is his answer? more borrowing, more spending, more of the things that got us in this mess in the first place. >> mr. speaker, three years ago the n.h.s. spent 500 million
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pounds on tamiflu without seeing the data on effectiveness or safety. it is normal for the drugs industry to have almost complete control over the evidence based on crucial public decisions are made. will the prime minister ask to make available the full reports on tamiflu so doctors, patients, and taxpayers are not mislead? >> through all of the good questions that he does he raises an important issue, not only because of the cost of the taxpayer but also the benefits to patients. there needs to be more transparency. we're committed to make sure that happens to the european agency work is supported on this. next year there will be be a legal requirement to publish summary reports from clinical trials. >> this week we learned despite
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exhaustive chase that is taking place. does this not show that the same cuts that the border agency has picked up less to secure our borders? >> this is time to say we've cut immigration and net immigration is down 25% under this government. i want us to do far better in terms of chasing down illegal overstayers and illegal immigrants. good work is being down there. also in getting to find these people and getting them to leave. we've had to make cuts across all budgets but government in these days are about getting more for less. >> port smith has been the home
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of the royal navy for over 500 years. given that the business secretary appears to have prejudged the future of shipbuilding. what reassurance can you give me and 1,500 ship builders that it will remain in tact and the future of the fleet? >> quite right speaks up for it as it continues to be an excellent home for the royal navy. the navy will remain an major employer in the city. i'm sure my friend will also welcome the enterprise zone on the port and that is a 25 billion pound package that will create jobs. >> in june 2010, the prime minister said that despite the government's deficit reduction
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plan, he will ensure "no increase in child poverty." does he still stnd by that? >> we're doing everything we can to tackle child poverty and it has come down. the point -- that we specifically did we increased the element in child tax credit that goes to the poorest families. >> in the wake of the criminal convictions of of the staff who abused people living at this hospital, is it not time that those who take the fees and supervise those and are held to account of a new offense of corporate neglect? >> i listen to the point my friend makes. there has been appalling incidents of unacceptable level of care. people inside those organizations are subject to the
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law. >> mr. speaker, one of the greatest issues if northern ireland and the united kingdom is the price of electricity. can the prime minister tell us what action he is taking to keep the electricity costs down in northern ireland? >> we're trying to put people on the lowest tariff which is welcomed across the country. in erm terms of business the government is trying to exempt businesses under the electricity market reform. i think it shows this government is working hard to help those industries and make sure they continue to compete and succeed in britain. >> we want to join the prime minister in congratulating on
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the duke and duchess of their good news. can you confirm that the commonwealth, at last, agreed to change the rules on royal succession? and will prime minister bring before the house a bill very soon so that if this baby is a girl she can follow in the footsteps of her much-loved great grandmother and become our queen? >> very grateful to my friend for her question. yeah, i think i can answer positively on all of the points she made. i chaired a meeting and we agreed that we should bring forth legislation to deal with this issue. all of the realms have agreed to do that. we will be introducing legislation in this house very shortly. it will right down in law what we agreed back in 2011 if the duke and the duchess of
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cambridge is a girl she can one day be our queen. it is important to explain that the changes will apply to a child born after the date of the act even if the birth is before the legislation is passed. i hope it won't take long, certainly not nine months but just in case there won't be a problem. >> i welcome the government's commitment to increase its argument to tackle tax avoid dance. star burks has caved in and announced they will review the taxes in the u.k. so clearly naming and shaming works. surely it is time to stop companies that are engaged in tax avoidance from hiding behind taxpayer confidentiality.
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will the prime minister now commit to the publishing the names of companies found to have avoided paying their fair share of taxes? >> first of all, i welcome the lady's initiative on this and what her committee is looking at and i thank for for what t warm words on what we've done so far. we've recovered additional 29 billion pounds in lost revenues. also four billion from the transfer pricing which has been covered in detail in the press. i'm committed in doing all we can to look at all the options to make sure that companies pay their taxes properly. i agree with what she says on some political pressure. i myself have made one of two remark about this. i think it is important that people feel they meet their
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responsibilities and pay their taxes. >> will my friend do everything he can to ensure that education helps and social services work together to jointly exchange services that will make sure that the much welcome reforms the children will be workable on the ground? >> i think my friend make an important point. we need to get away from the idea that government works in silos with different budgets and different departments not working together. i know they have taken huge steps in bringing agencies together and working in the area of problem families and i commend them for the work they do. >> whatever announcements the chancellor makes, is it not a fact that when this government came to power it's changes to pension gave a tax cut of 1.6
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billion to people earning more than 150,000 pounds. i see that the chancellor has to give the prime minister his cheat. >> i'm afraid you are wrong. we inhearted a plan to raise -- inherited and we raised that plan. >> mr. speaker, the northeast of scotland makes a major contribution, will the prime minister commit himself to maximize himself in that industry to we get the maximum amount of jobs? >> my friend, quite rightly speaks up for the industry and for everyone who works in it in sot land and i'm impressed when i visit to see the health and the wealth generated by that
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industry. what we've done on deexchanges has helped to bring some certainty and we should work on that to make sure we recover as much oil and gas and make the most of this natural asset. >> longer waits in emergency and the prime minister is cutting the n.h.s. while the deaf it is rises. will he put that on his posters for the next general election? >> i think he was describing a situation in wheals where labor put in place an 8% cut. let me tell you what is happening in the n.h.s. we have 1,300 extra clinical staff. we have taken down the number of managers, the cancer drugs fund is making sure many more people get access to drugs, waiting
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time is down, people waiting a long time is down, the number of people waiting longer than 52 weeks to start treatment is at the lowest levels. this gentleman should be supporting this government and tell his front bench to stop cutting the n.h.s. >> does my friend recall receiving a visit from the pupils of the special schools. whose school is nicknamed shed city. does he share my delight that the council has allocated 8.4 million pounds to the build a new school. may i thank him for that support of that campaign. >> i'm grateful for his question. i'm a big supporter britain's special schools. sometimes they have acute needs
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and i'm proud that this government has invested in special schools. >> mr. speaker, following the government's new funding for you las for universities this year, student numbers dropped or student admissions dropped by over 50,000. my own local university despite meeting its target suffered a cut in its allocation and its being told there will be another cut next year. what guarantees can the prime minister give that universities such as this one will not suffer year on year reduction in its student numbers as a result of this year's formula? >> this government took difficult decisions to make sure we could maintain the number of people going to our yustses. the question i think goes right back to the party opposite. if you don't support a proper system of student kctions how do
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you pay for our universities? we set out our plan, they are working well, you don't start paying back money, you don't pay back in full until you pay 35,000 pounds. the party opposite doesn't have a clue. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> children's hospice receives 10% of its funding. it is different than adult hospice which receives more. this is difficult as they have to pay for all of their prescription as private institutions. will the prime minister look again at the reasons for the different treatment of children and adult loss hospices and meet with me to discuss the different funding levels? >> happy to discuss this issue. if more years my family used
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children's hospice that got no state's support at all. what this government has done is continue with the 10 million pounds annually to support children's hospices. what we want to put in place and what we're discussing with the providers of adult and children's hospices is a system for a per patient funding system that would for all hospices and i think it would bring a greater consistency on how we support this of our health service. >> a global company turned over 3.3 million pounds and did not pay a penny in corporation tax. do you stand up for the wrong people? when will this government move away from punishing this wrong
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people and punish the ones that are avoiding paying the taxes? >> there is common ground between us. we want these large taxes to pay proper taxes here in the u.k. we believe that you do that by having low tax rates and we reduce the corporate tax by making sure they declare their income properly. that is why on this issue on transfer payments while companies are pursuing strange practices to make sure their revenues are not delivered here in the u.k. last four years we have recovered four billion pounds that are done in this way. but we know there is more we can do. >> residents on the coast were excited when the energy bill was published last week. it gives the green light for many jobs. will the prime minister continue
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in investing skills training that people can get the jobs that will be created? >> i think my friend is absolutely right. the entry of the energy bill now means we can get out there and sell to all of the energy companies the very clear and stable framework that the u.k. has for offshore wind, renewables and for gas. i think it is a positive development and it has a huge amount of potential investment and we need to make sure that results in british jobs and we're committed to making that happen. >> the prime menster believes it lacks something that is borchingers. how will the prime minister cut the bills who just said over the coming months and years tens of thousands of new homes have to be built on greenfield sites? >> i think it is clear, yes we
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should build on brown field land. yes, we should try to deal with the problem of empty homes. we do need to have a frank conversation about the need to build more flats and more houses so we don't have the current situation that we have, so if people don't have the help of mom and dad people in their mid 30's needing help to buy their first house. i think there is a wide decree of agreement on what a new system should look like. it is set out there in black and white, we need to challenge the press to introduce it and if they don't we need to take further action. >> with more men in work than ever before, and with more women in work than ever before, an an tri rate, does my friend not agree with me that the opposition's plan b would
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jeopardize all of those achievements? >> my friend is entirely right. we are making progress. of course, it is tough when there are so many economic headwinds against us. a records numb of businesses starting up last year. we're on the right track and plan b stand for bankruptcy, that is what labor would give us. >> last but not least. >> the universal health care system is what the overwhelming majority of what the british people want. something that i remain firmly committed to. however, there are complaints about nurses who fail to show care to their patients. what exactly will the prime minister do about that? >> i think the honorable lady speaks for the hole house and
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the country in raising this issue. i know how painful it is in what she's witnessed in her own life and her own family. i'm a fan of the health service. you don't produce a credit card when you go to the hospital. but we don't do is n.h.s. or our nurses any favors if we don't point out there are some real problems in parts of our health and care systems. i see quite a few letters from people, particularly elderly people, who are not getting the care that is appropriate in hospitals. i set up a forum that i have discussed with nurses, there is no silver bullet, no magic wands but simple steps, like asking every hospital to carry out a friends and family test. asking the patients and staff would you be happy if your
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friends and family are treated in this hospital? it can make a real difference. for elderly patients your nurse should be by your bedside once an hour, that you don't have bed sores, you are probably looked after. i think a proper conversation with our nurses, who are angels by the vast degree, can get this sorted out. >> you've been watching prime minister's questions from the british house of commons. it airs live at 2:00 every wednesday when the house of commons is in session. again on sunday nights at 9:00 eastern. then the british public affairs programs. next, a discussion on the impact of skilled immigrant labor on the u.s. economy. at 11:00


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